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Celebrity Management

Event 18 is into Celebrity Management for Actors, Directors, Models, Performers, Politicians as well as other eminent people across various industry sectors. Our Objective is to fetch constructive visibility & growth prospects to the clients in their industry. We are here to kick start your promotion under the structure of a non-exclusive contract. We have a team with expertise in film & marketing industry. Our team is equipped with social media, marketing and content writing skills. Our team works hard with tough conviction for generating superior results by the watch of the clock. We call ourselves artists who paint an intriguing portrait of a celebrity. We trust that every celebrity has a distinctiveness and matchlessness. Therefore, we cleverlyand carefully deal with every celebrity to fetch them growth prospects in supplement to a well-deserved career trail. We toil over portfolio management, endorsement management,strategic public relations, digital presence management and many more in a customisedparcel desired by the celebrity.

Celebrity Management
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