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Ad Films

Event 18 Co. provides affordable broadcast-quality filmmaking and creative production services for community organisations, public sector industries, private companies, small businesses, independent artists and producers.

First established in 2017, our structured service has built a reputation producing broadcast-level content to defy the conventional boundaries of today's realistic budgets.

Offering a complete, personalised, one-to-one service from beginning to end, Event 18 Co delivers creative work that is original, relevant, engaging, current and produced strictly the highest – and latest production standards.

Clients in need of professional production work need no longer worry about the significant expense of studio hire, teams of consultants and crew. Our business sets out to streamline the process, alleviating avoidable external costs and maximising the returns on your investment.

Our recognised specialisms include Corporate films, TV commercials, documentaries, education, social wellbeing films, theatrical promos, show montages, music videos, interview-based news content and corporate web films. In addition, a range of extended creative services are also offer, including VFX, Flash &, 3D animation, After Effects work, digital design and WordPress website development, as well as general broadcast production.

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